Thursday, November 18, 2010

shameless plugs

I hate them.  I love them.  (visit!)

My bff Justin's brother Cory is cool.  He's also cousin Cam's bff.  For those of you who wouldn't have seen this on the book face (hey, sisters), Cory is in a competition for a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos.  If you watch it, he gets votes and it may be on tv!  If it doesn't come up, search for "The Woodchipper (Alt)" in the gallery.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tuesday's thoughts

First of all, let me just say that I do not approve of how scandalous Glee is, BUT Darren Criss is a BABE.  He may be gay in the show, but that does not change a thing.  His voice is gorgeous, his face is gorgeous, his huge eyebrows are gorgeous, and even though I adored the fro, his hair is gorgeous.  He makes Katy Perry look good.

Anyway, I had quite the interesting dream early this morning.  (Also, last week I dreamt I met Lauren's mom and she cut my hair.  Weird.)  In my dream I was at some school carnival thing, but it was in Florida at my old school.  So, I was walking around and some girl from here walked past me and was like, "Erin, there's a sushi booth over there, you should go get some."  I do love my sushi...  I went to get some and each ingredient of the roll was on a skewer.  When I noticed it was shrimp (uncooked shrimp), I asked if I could only get half a skewer, but the middle-age couple running the booth said no because they'd have an odd number of shrimp.  So, I took it and told them my mom would eat it.  Behind their booth was a huge pool that was really an ocean.  Or an ocean in a pool.  Kind of.  For some reason I went swimming with this guy (something to do with learning about sushi, maybe?) and towards the middle of the ocean pool I noticed little fishies swimming and nibbling.  I freaked out when I saw a larger one (because of that one time I swam with a shark), but the man assured me I was fine.  Then, we were at the edge of the ocean pool and and felt some pricks on my foot.  My leg was lifted up and there was an ALLIGATOR on my foot.  It never clamped down, so my foot was still intact, but I had to go to the hospital to get a treatment or something.  The point of all this is that, in my dream, the first thought I had was that I needed to blog about my alligator a.s.a.p.  When I woke up, I still thought that.  Until I realized my foot was as unscarred as ever.  

This is what the homestead looked like when I left for school this morning:

Most important things I learned this week:
1) I have a different schedule than the rest of the world
2) Cinnamon fixes everything

I really wish you could do college applications in person.  I mean, I love to write, but at this point an interview to talk myself up is sounding pretty good.  Maybe I just won't go to college.  Narf.