Sunday, October 30, 2011

we're not in provo anymore

Thursday morning I got home from classes and got on facebook.
I almost didn't, but something told me I should (it was boredom).
I was scrolling and drinking some OJ when I saw a friend's status saying that Flavor Flav is filming in Provo and they need extras for that afternoon.

I texted Hannah and a few hours later we were in a dark dance club with Flav, Donnivin Jordan, Colleen/MirandaGlozell, and Antoine Dodson.  Holy celeb overload.

So, it was an experience to say the least.  I loved it.  A lot.  But I was also glad that we were still in Provo and they recognized that some of us were BYU kids.  Glozell kept looking at Flavor and saying "We're in Utah!"

So, when you try to find me on the tube in early 2012, yes, I am that really white girl dancing like a really white girl behind a bunch of rappers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I need somebody.  Not just anybody.
Somebody who knows what I should be for Halloween.  And, go!
Seriously, I've never been this late before and it's crazy.

Mom came for the weekend and bought me groceries and meals.  It was perfect.  Thanks Mom.

My boys also ventured to Utah county and I saw them for all of 2.5 seconds.  Also perfect.  Love them.  This is all they left for me:

School is kicking my booty.  That's why it's college, right?  And it's worth it, right?  The semester is more than halfway over and as exciting as that is, it's also so so scary.  

Also, while you're at it, tell me what I should major in.  
Because every time someone asks me, I'm this close to telling them I'm going to drop out and find me a husband.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the funnies

I love college,
and I can't really imagine spending these first few years anywhere else.

That being said, there are so many times I roll my eyes at BYU.

So many times.

A plethora of times.

I won't bore you with the stereotypes, so here are some recent funnies:

Roommate Jill, Best Friend Hannah, and I went tunnel singing Sunday night.
We usually use my phone for the hymns, but sometimes it's a little small for a group to squint at.
A very nice boy came and squeezed himself in between us so we could share his hymn book.
Thank you, kind sir...
But then he got all fidgety and we couldn't read the words anyway (way to pick obscure hymns, people).
After a long few minutes he got a text and set his phone on top of the book so he could read it, obviously.
We could see it too, obviously, and it said "where are you?"
Harmless, right?

The kid promptly makes his way out of this girl sandwich, hands us the hymnbook, and walks away.
Didn't say a thing.
Of course we assume that he's going to find a friend and we can have a big shindig.

He never came back.

We didn't think anything until we realized we'd just sung three hymns using stranger boy's hymn book.

We stood in our spot for at 20 minutes just in case, but he never came back!

We moved by some friends and felt awesome about our inherited hymn book,
and then felt a wee bit bad when we found "best wishes" from some doting grandparents.

The Hymn Book* now proudly resides in apt. 318 and will until stranger boy himself comes to claim it.

*Name changed for privacy

I love hearing conversations on campus because half of them go like this:

"Hi!  How are you?"
"Great, thanks!"
"Oh good, I'll see you later [and we'll spend another 2 seconds catching up]!"

FHE background music has proved to be a mix of rap & Disney.

millions of gold from this page.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"failure is all part of success" --maddy

Most of you know I'm crazy.

Exhibit A: my whole life

Exhibit B: I'm taking Russian this semester.  5 credit hours of pretending I understand what the attractive man is saying.  Do you think they know I don't really suck, I just get distracted by their faces?  Or do I suck as well?  We'll see.

In other news, I make a mean (actually, very nice) grilled cheese.

And this is what it looks like outside:

It was 35 when I went to school this morning and the mountains are still playing peek-a-boo.

Monday, October 3, 2011

i'm obsessed

Something about General Conference, boys, and having your best friend on a mission will put things in perspective:

I need to move from hardly working to working hard.
I need to remember that college crushes will probably last just as long as high school ones for a while.
I need to stop idolizing people and remember that I am just as cool.
Checking the mailbox four times a day will not magically put anything in there.

Everyone should always listen to these guys all the time (yeah):

After just deciding a few weeks ago that "Ye Elders of Israel" is my favorite hymn, I fell in love with their version!  It's beautiful.  I bought it this morning and have already listened to it 15 times in the short time I've been at home.

Come and be obsessed and happy!