Friday, January 11, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.
52 minutes ago was the first day of my 20th year and it was perfect.

I slept in (cramps. also, my birthday),
ate chocolate covered strawberries in bed,
was a superb grocery shopping companion for Cameron,
talked to all my favorite people,
and was thrown a great party with amazing cupcakes by my brand new roommate.

Seriously, she hasn't even known me a week, and she did so much for me today.
It was the best.

So please, head over to my instagram to see the ridiculous amount of photos I posted today.
It's worth it?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I ran out of photo space on this here blerg, and I haven't had many words to say until just now.

So, I'm back.
And if you want to read any embarrassing high school posts before they're gone forever, please don't.
Also, I did a little rearranging with my limited design skills and it feels good.
Like a hot shower that I can't ever take in my apartment.

Happy New Year!
Let's do this thing.