Friday, March 30, 2012

audiofile, audiophile

the days are flying by.

in a week and a half, i will be done with classes.

so, that's exciting and terrifying.  ask me if I'm working as hard as I should.  actually, don't.

to make sure I actually left the house for something other than class this week,
i got tickets to go to a screening of BYUtv's new show Audio-Files.
it's basically a behind-the-scenes look at awesome people who do awesome things like raise goats and have a band name that's a secret anagram.  and play really cool music.

it was amazing.  they showed two episodes: Imagine Dragons & Joshua James.

mind blown.  the producers kept telling us how much they're trying to change their image at BYUtv.
as much as we love to listen to the men behind the pulpit, they want to show other talents as well.

we got a glimpse at "not your parent's BYUtv" and we are so excited.  they're featuring so many talented artists, and I feel lucky to have seen two of my favorite.  (ask me how much I love imagine dragons.)

(and we sat right behind joshua james!  and some other probably famous people with great hair and beards)

the show begins mid-April, so keep your eye out!  we can't wait to watch the rest.
we love evolution.

p.s.  another new show called the song that changed my life featured Fictionist!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey!  I'm alive.  I slept for about 72 hours straight, waking only to take all my drugs on schedule.  It was awesome.  I did bunches of catching up this weekend (a little much on the social end, not enough homework).

My favorite sushi: the caterpillar!

I took a test on Saturday and did awful.
We went to a baseball game!  I miss going to the fields so much.  I was craving sunflower seeds something major.

We went to a St. Patty's Day root beer kegger.  It was a party fo sho.  

Jill and I ventured to Cville for Dakota's farewell.  Where we didn't take a picture with him.  Oops.  Homecoming, maybe?  BUT, guess who I ran into at his church?!

Oh heyyy, McClane.  He pops up everywhere, I swear.  I love it.

Cheers to a crazy few weeks and going back on my no soda for Lent after a night full of Mormon beer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

thinking about

3 midterms
3 papers
a pile of somewhat ridiculous homework

and as of this afternoon, an intense cold.
I did not know my immune system could betray me so fast!

so now I'm thinking about vitamins, cough drops, and my new camelbak!

I've been needing a new one for a long time and I figured being sick was a perfect excuse.  and it's purple!

I'm horrible at keeping myself on a schedule, but this crazy week might just change that.  We're praying for that, anyway.

This week is absolutely beautiful!  Any day that I can wear a dress or shorts and neither freeze nor sweat is a perfect one.  And for me that's 60 degrees and sunny. 

On Friday Hannah and I went on an adventure and, as we were prepping for a picnic, we found girl scout cookies!  My craving has been satisfied.  Several times.

And sometimes Jill and I study.  And she does awesome on the test, and I do not.  Awesome.

One day I'll take real pictures and have fun stories.  That day will probably be after April 18.  We're almost there!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

to lighten the (my) mood:

I'm seeing these guys on the 21st!  It will be a party for sure.

my pump up jam:

my dancing jam:

food for thought

On my journey to domesticity (aka, not eating a bagel for dinner every night), I've experimented a bit so I don't have to go grocery shopping.  I guess I'm a real college student.

I made Mexican Baked Spaghetti tonight.  I thought I was being super creative, but I googled it, and I guess it's a thing.  I mixed a little taco meat, refried beans, and leftover salsa with some noodles into my vintage pyrex, squirted some Catalina on top, and piled the cheese on.  I didn't quite let it get crunchy because I had a major case of the munchies, but I threw some tomatoes on top and I was quite satisfied.

I must also mention that I did this on the day I decided to keep track of what I was eating again, and neither this dish nor the chocolate chips I had for dessert were really in the plans.  But it's Leap Day, and "real life begins in March."
I've always loved winter, even in Utah.  And even though it's been a mostly warm and sunny one, I'm feeling more torpid than I ever have.  If I knew how to fix it, I would.  Unfortunately, I feel like it will last until summer.
I finished Downton Abbey.  Jill and I watched season 2 finale tonight and I am feeling rather content and anxious.  I've become more attached to this fiction than I should and I can hardly wait to see what happens next (in a year!).
The worst thing about growing up so far: often the only people I want to tell everything to are thousands of miles away.  That's one thing, contrary to my independent appearance, that I have not quite figured out yet.
We spent most of the 75 minutes in American Heritage today discussing recent church/school news.  Though I rolled my eyes at so many of the comments made by students who think they're helpful, I decided it was my favorite lecture of my college experience.  Our professor is down to earth and profound--one of the best.  My testimony was strengthened today, and that's better than any grade I've received.

So, these are my thoughts for now: all over the place, and an accurate representation of my life right now.