Friday, January 27, 2012

little by little

I'm improving.  Things.

My We Are Young (by Fun.) Pandora station is the best.  I love.

The best part is that I've been listening to more music & watching less tv the past couple days.

Which means--unless I'm on Pinterest--that I'm being significantly more productive.  Well maybe just slightly.  But it's a step.

PS, have you seen this?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

working girl

Last week, at a basketball game, Jill and I "won" a free seven day pass to Gold's Gym.  We planned on going in over the weekend, but on Wednesday a lady called and had us make an appointment to get us our pass or whatever.  Blah, blah, we go in, they have a $1 for the first month, $10 a month, no contract plan and we get sucked in.  And it turns out we went to the wrong one, anyway.

So, now we are proud members of Gold's Gym!  And we are way too excited about it.  So excited that I agreed to get up and go before 7 this morning.  I haven't gotten up that early to be productive in months!

On MWF I don't have class until noon, so I even got to take a quick nap when I got home and that was amazing.  And then I go to catch the shuttle (1 min early; I am so on top of things!) and realized that I'll be on campus until after the shuttle stops running, so I need to drive.  And then by the time I get to campus, I'm 8 minutes late to class and decide to study in the library instead.  Or do this.

But really, I even did my Russian homework yesterday afternoon instead of right before class.  And I'm finishing my reading for Government.  And I made dinner for someone last night.  Look at me go.

Monday, January 23, 2012

sometimes i think i'm brilliant

I hate painting my nails because I always get super messy and cleaning up sucks.
Also, they're chipped the next day and it's hardly worth it.


One night I did them all nice and decided to clean up the edges in the morning.
I took a shower first and by the time I got around to it, I noticed they were all clean!

So now I paint at night and I can get as messy as I want.

I still don't know how to get rid of the chipping, though.
Have you ever looked at essie's swatches?  It's so dreamy.

I buy nail polish based on the name instead of the color.
Can I name things for a living?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

sleeping all day, staying up all night

You know that feeling when you're hoping someone has been thinking about you?
And then how it changes when you find out that they have?

I love that.

In other news:
I'm knee deep in school (but not snow).
I really want to go to Sundance this week.
I'm losing patience with people who need to put on a show.
My sleep habits are awful.  Obviously.
I finally bought some meat to quench my daily craving.

And I'm considering wearing a hobo hat every day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

because being crafty takes too much time

Bridget is doing the sweetest giveaway this week.  I wish I knew Bridget; I feel like we'd be best friends.
Anyway, I'm so sad/glad I didn't know about this shop until now, because I want to buy everything!

If I win, I want these two:

If I don't win, there's almost nothing stopping me from getting them...

And I really want these too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my day

Today I turned 19.  It didn't feel much different (I still had to take my quizzes) until my Russian class sang to me, and I was told I'm 'so young' by the one person I wish wouldn't think that.

I took myself out to lunch and had the best waldorf salad.  As I was shoving fancy leaves into my mouth, I watched a homeless man arrange his bags outside the door of the (slightly overpriced) restaurant.  The cute college girl behind the counter immediately left her patrons in line and brought a glass of water and a telephone to this man.  They both smiled and she went to the counter as he settled at a table.  Unfortunately, I was just finishing and had to leave, but I wish I'd had more time to see what happened.  If she gave him food, if they talked, if I could buy him food.  It was sweet--and I felt gently reminded that I am so lucky to have lived these 19 years the way that I have.

I got a cupcake from roomie Jill and watched a movie for my government class.

Now, I'm settled in my warm bed listening to the voicemails I missed, reading facebook messages from those I love and those I never talk to, and thinking about how blessed I am.

Sometimes I wonder how I got such great friends.  I got a letter from the missionary yesterday.  He seems to always know just what to say, and I'm so grateful for that.  And today, my best friend left me the sweetest note.  Actually, like four of them.  That's how great she is.

It was a different day, compared to past birthdays, but I guess that's part of growing up.  Different isn't bad though--I'm pretty sure all those things above made the best birthday gifts ever.

Also, I always think about my mom a lot on my birthday.  It's kind of a huge day for her too, obviously.  So, thanks Mom, for being in pain 19 years ago, just for me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

resolute & non-resolute resolutions

This year I will:

get more creative in the kitchen
drink more water
stop wondering/worrying about my future, and start being who I'd want someone to marry.  in the future.
perfect the balance between work & play
try new things
be happy

via tumblr--probably busybeelauren

This year I hope to:

pick a major & start enjoying school
learn how to use my fancy camera
be brave & weed out what I need to get out of my life

I am going to figure out who I am.

Lucy, I'm home!

Well, Utah-home.  I spent two weeks in Florida-home and it was great.  I needed so much to do absolutely nothing for a while.  And you best believe I did just that.

Remember Louie?  He's Jack now.  I was a little bummed by the name change, but when you're not there taking care of the thing, you really earn no say.  And he's so cute, I can't help but love all of him any way--even his name.  When I wasn't in bed, I was hanging out with this guy.  He's just about 7 months old and a giant.

A giant that is still a puppy and will not sit still.  But, he gives the best hugs and is adoring of his family, so we'll take that.  He still loves riding in the car and after this ride he learned that sometimes the car takes him to the beach!  And that is too much fun.

Both times I sat with him for a ride, I ended up completely squished by the end.  He'll come over to my side and pin my head against the seat.  And alternately pant out the window and eat my hair.  Awesome.  

I love him.  Anyway.  Here are some other things that happened:

outside a local church.

Christmas crack.  not that addicting.

my favorite place.  I'm a nerd.

seed pod nativity.

Christmas outfit.

oh hey beach.  it may have reached 80 degrees one day.


fried mac&cheese from BJ's.  so beautiful and delicious.

Now, back to school.  Yay.