Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There's this girl, and she knows what this poor piece of machinery feels like.
On days she doesn't feel quite right she drinks Dr. Pepper or Diet Mtn. Dew.
Some days that's the only day she can tell something's wrong.  (Good job subconscious.)
She loves this quote from Gilmore Girls:
"Why did you come here?"
"Because you didn't say goodbye."
(Season 2, episode something towards the end)
She hopes she can use it one day.  It sounds awfully romantic and peaceful.
And one day, if this girl gets married in the winter, she's going to wear a sweater like this:
One day, she'll have loads of fun altering clothes like this other girl.
This girl likes to announce to the world every time she has to pee, and she doesn't plan on stopping.
She'll learn that life is life and math homework doesn't do itself.  
And she'd like you to know that she has to pee.  Right now.

Thank you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 30: your reflection in the mirror

Dear reflection, 
Clean your mirror, please.
Stop worrying about things and embrace the hot little freckle that popped up above your lip.  
Dream big, there's something out there just for you.
You need a trim, but your hair looks spankin' good right now.
Put some lotion and fancy perfume on, brush your hair, and go.
You can do this.  
Don't let people tell you different. 
Don't let them bug you.
Love, Erin

p.s. Good choice on the glasses.

full moon.

Day 29: The person that you want to tell everything to.
Oh geezlecakes.  I've kinda been looking forward to this one.  Kinda.  

Dear you, 
You don't know it, but I, uh, kind of like you.  But I'll never tell you, so don't worry about it.  I decided not to do anything about it, ever.  Or at least for a long time.  I'm really not opposed to trying at some point, but I am so not ruining things at this point.  But you're great, so let's be cool.
Love, Erin
We beat Bountiful tonight.  It rocked, but I'm tired.  Night, world:)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Day 28: Someone that changed your life.

Dear Liz Lemon, 
Oh you.  Guess what?  You like pilots.  I like pilots.  We're a match made in heaven.  You make me happy when I'm sad and you make me laugh until I cry.  This is how you made my night.  Tonight.

"you sound weird.  do you have a beard?"
"black bachelorette  parties"
"it ok, don't be cry"

I missed you, thanks for coming back.

Love, Erin

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 27: the friendliest person you only knew for a day

Dear Miguel & Jose, 
You guys rock.  You were pretty too, because you're from Colombia.  Too bad you're probably jerks...  That one day was great though.  Thanks:)
Love, that white girl

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

do you remember?

Ooh boy.  The dear cuz and I just had our first annual 21st night of september dance party all because of this.  Too great.  I will definitely be taking this to college, along with this.  I can't wait.  

Day 26: The last person you made a pinky promise to.
Dear you, 
I hope I kept my promise (& you too) because I don't remember it.  This just means I need to provide the pinky more often.  Deal.
Love, Erin

Monday, September 20, 2010

five years time

Day 25: A person you know is going through hard times.
Dear Self, 
You're getting selfish with your letters, but there's a reason.  You can do hard things.  You really can.  You're still allowed to get advice (Mom...), but you're getting better at making these decisions, even if you don't know it yet.  You made a choice today (with some help), but I think you'll be happy with it.  The rest of this little piece will fall into place, with a little research.  Now, you're wasting time, but today you have an extra hour, so relax a bit!  
Love, Yourself
You'll be going picture crazy soon-- don't worry.

Friday, September 17, 2010

i work hard.

That's kind of a lie.  At least right now.  I blame others for my lack of productivity (not in a crazy way, of course).  Also, I hate Times New Roman, but I'm using it as a sort of punishment. [edit: it doesn't even show up in this format.  score!]

day 24: the person that gave you your favorite memory
Dear Mom,
You've allowed me to do most of the things I've done in the last 18 years (why not count the womb?), so I believe I have you to thank for all the good things I've experienced.  Also, you're my mother and I love  you and love spending time with you.
Love, your babygirl

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Day 23: Someone who makes you laugh really hard.
Dear best friends, 
We always have the most hilarious times together.  Last night, for example, was the greatest night so far this fall.  Oh goodness.  I think I may be the one of the group that has been the most excited to move on, but it's these things I experience with you guys that make me realize how lucky I am to be right here, right now.  I think when we're old and grey we'll be hanging out and driving around just like we do now.  Is it legal to do those things when you're old?  Narf.  I love y'all so much!
random thoughts:
- the school tissues are really awful if you're really drippy.  I guess it's time to bring the pocket pack.
- after taking my pills for the night (geez, I sound old.  an acidophilus cap, an ibuprofen, and a decongestant), I realized I've taken three different decongestants in two days.  just exploring my options.  
- my lips hurt really bad.  this happens when I'm too lazy to carry chapstick around for a few days and I regret it every time.
- I've been seeing tons of cute love/wedding things and I think it makes me less sad now than it used to.  It's just sweet and slightly scary because I realize how close I am.
- I still crave his approval.
- college...
- I have a new freckle above my lip.  I love it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 22: someone you want to give a second chance to

Dear Rivers,
When everyone was criticizing Raditude I stuck by your side.  Granted, it's not your best work, but I enjoy it.  The time for a new album has come again, and I was not impressed with your single.  I don't like Lost either, but I'm willing to overlook all of this and wait until Hurly comes out to scrutinize.  Please don't let me down.
Love always, ErChap
My face hurts.  I got hit with a full can of Mtn. Dew.  It was hilarious, and still is as long as I don't touch my face.  

I know this is old news, but it's still fun, especially since I kind of know the guy. 
i should be studying...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 21: someone you judged by first impression

Dear JR, 
When I first met you, I really didn't like you.  I don't feel embarrassed about saying this now because I kind of said it to your face in that letter I wrote you right after you left on your mission.  I didn't hate you, I just didn't know you.  I've never been into the whole jock thing and the fact that I didn't really like your friends didn't help either.  Now, I've had a change of heart.  We're kinda friends and I definitely like you now.  You're a great guy and such a good example.  If I had noticed this earlier we could have been best friends by now!  I hope you're loving FL (are you even there yet?) because I do.
Love, Erin
You know what I do hate?  When photographers make their websites so hard to maneuver.  All I want is to look at all of your pictures really fast.  

I've had a stomach bug for the past few days and I am way over it.  I don't like not being able to focus on things.  

Lots of pictures still to come...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Two words.  State.  Fair.  
When I love something, I love it.  And I love the State Fair.  Any fair, actually.  I'm a self-proclaimed fair nerd.  To me, it's magical.  The lights, the people, the random booths, the rides, the music, and the food.
You better believe I ate a frozen yogurt, funnel cake, and kettle corn.  You better believe my side ached after the Imagine concert.  We were dancing maniacs.  You better believe I rode the Starship 4000.  The Gravitron was my favorite ride at the Seafood Festival, so I was super excited to be able to ride it again.  I'll post pictures tomorrow when I recover from my sugar high.  

Day 20: the person that broke your heart the hardest

Dear self, 
Yeah, you know what you did.  It's ok, I'm over it.  It's all part of life and love.  You really are great, so don't worry about things too much.
Love, Erin

Yep.  Even though it's true, that's all I got.  
Thank you Ellen for today's awesome song.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 19: someone that pesters your mind (good or bad)

Oh you.  I'd like to think we're best friends.  It's not you, it's your girlfriend.  Why are you with her?  Not to pry, but I don't see it.  Anyway, I'm just curious about you.  You're still so mysterious, I just want to know everything about you.  I hope you let me in one day, I think that would work quite well.  See you soon.
Love, Erin 
(I just realized that this applies to a few boys in my life, so something ought to work with one of them...)

Thanks to my friend Daniel, I'm re-watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls.  I'm about to finish Season 2 which includes some of my favorite episodes.  They reference things I love like: Florida State, Franny and Zooey, Star Trek, and such.  More importantly, it's the season where Rory falls for Jess.  I love Jess.  He's just enough of a bad boy to make me swoon.  Mmmm.  Drool with me, please. 


I'm having to take a couple days in between posts to sit and think about my decisions.  I've been kind of emotional lately (deep inside, I haven't gone crazy on too many people) because there are so many different things in my life right now.  So, in an effort to stay calm and collected, I'm taking it slow.  

I just killed a huge spider.  Like 4 quarters big.  I dropped my Statistics book on it.  Now, I can't sleep.

Homework is good... Mornings are nice... I will not fall asleep at school... I can survive on just a few winks... The weekend is closer than it's ever been...  (my daily mantras)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 18: the person that you wish you could be

Dear future self, 
You rock.  You used to suck, but you've got it down (mostly).
Send some good thoughts to your past self, so you can figure it out fast.
Love, Erin right now
Seriously I've been thinking about this for days.  It even took me four days to write and that's all I came up with.  

I finally saw Inception today.  Holy.  Yeah, we'll have to talk about that when I'm not half-asleep.  So great!

Mmm, homework time.  Don't judge.  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 17: someone from your childhood

Dear Patrick (?),
Dude.  You suck.  You beat me up with pine cones when I was in 2nd grade.  Good thing I wasn't attracted to red heads then.  I do wonder where you are now though, because I guess you're around 20?  Anyway, thanks for some interesting times.  It's all part of growing up.
I'm about to ignore my homework and take a quick gas/wal-mart/DI trip, so wish me luck!

While I was looking for inspiration, I came across this guy who collects flight attendant outfits.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 16: someone that doesn’t live in your state/country

Dear Future Husband (haha), 
You're gorgeous.  You have an accent.  I like it.  Have you decided where we should live when we get married?  I don't care either, but I've always loved not being in America.  Ok, deal.  When we have children, I hope some are tan like you and some are albino like me.  It's only fair.  Remember our summer house in France?  Let's sell it in a few years and get one in Thailand.  
Thanks for dealing with me when I insist on buying a Pashmina for each one of my girls.  Sorry my friends won't leave you alone.  They think you're hot too.  We secretly talk about you (that's why the phone bill is so high).  
Can I be the flight attendant on our private jet?  I have the perfect outfit.  Also, can we get an upgrade on the lavatory?
Hey, get back to work, I want you home soon.
Love, your adoring wife
Oh boy.  Anyway, I don't have the perfect flight attendant outfit yet, but I will!  We're having a Community Workers themed bee day party and I'm gonna rock the sky.  (This keeps getting worse)
School is school.  I love Psychology, though!  
I'm not going to the VW concert tomorrow and I'm ok with it.  Way too tired.  
Do you ever have problems with the other best friends of your best friends?  Yeah, me too.  I try not to, but it's a problem.  All I'm asking for is peace.  Thanks.

Listening to: Can't Help Falling in Love- Ingrid Michaelson