Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 15: person you miss the most

Dear Dad, 
I miss you.  I feel like some people try to convince me that I never really knew you.  I did.  I know it.  I just wish I knew you more.  If I can ever get myself into shape, I'm know I'll be able to get to know you more.  And of course, we'll have forever  Anyway, I love you. 
Your babygirl.
I love old people.
And I think pilots are very attractive.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 14: someone you have drifted away from

Dear you, 
I miss you.  I miss all the funny things we did and the time we spent together.  I can't believe you're getting married!  I promise I'll try my hardest to be there because we definitely need one last party before you're a married woman!  Never forget me, please.  I hope you get everything you need and want in life.  I'm here anytime you need me.  I love you!
Your bff, Erin
Thursday night I saw:


It was great.  Beyond great.  Zooey is gorgeous (and so is he) and I just want to be her.  Even with sweat, weed, and drunk people, it was amazing.

The first week of school was tolerable.  It doesn't feel right yet, but I am really excited for senior year!  The only thing I'm worried about is losing friends.  I'm not planning on it, but if it has to happen, I'll just have to find more friends.  

I'm watching the Shakespeare Retold series on Netflix and it's really funny.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 13: someone you wish would forgive you

I'm sorry for what I've done and what I'll do.  We have a hard relationship, but it's great.  :)  It's hard for me to say sorry sometimes because you seem so much better than me.  Remember when you asked me what was wrong?  I was jealous of you.  Just feeling sorry for myself.  I do love you though, never forget that.  And I do hope everything works out with your friends, sometimes I just need a little me time to get over myself.  Let's party.  Or ignore me, either way.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 12: the person who has caused you the most pain in your life

Dear Childhood Dentist, 

Ouch. Yeah, I don't care if parents couldn't come back with patients because of "policy."  I'm not sure if the multiple times you scraped my gums were on purpose or not.  The office smelled bad.  Like death.  The clowns on the walls were scary, not funny.  I was scarred.  The only good memory is the sugar free gum you gave me.  But it usually tasted bad and only had two pieces anyway.
At least my teeth look good.

Love, Erin Chapple

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 11: someone who died

(I randomly picked an obituary from this past week: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/deseretnews/obituary.aspx?n=mae-sherwood&pid=144852920)

Dear Mae Sherwood, 
I love your name.  It combines two very good bands and it's pretty.  I want to use Mae as a middle name for one of my future daughters.  You sound like a fantastic woman and I bet you loved telling your love story.  Can you teach a sculpting class in heaven?  I'd love to learn.  
Love, Erin
Holy, first day of school.  Last first day of high school.  
That rocks.  It was fun, I guess.  I got some homework, talked to people, ate lunch and got sick, had a blast (I think) in Newspaper. I need to buy a new calculator because apparently you need a super spiffy one for Statistics.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 10: someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear you, 
Can we please talk more this year?  I know it's not as easy as it used to be, but it'd be grand if we could get past our differences.  Even though it's not awkward, I feel like we just make small talk most of the time.  I think we'll be able to make up for lost time, but it'll definitely take more than a day.  Soon, we'll be on our own and it'll (hopefully) be easier to take time for each other if we need to.  Life is too weird.  Love you, miss you.  Talk to you soon. :)
Love, me

Things that bug me today:
* ridiculous nicknames (esp. on children)
* sarcasm
* people not believing in me
* that look

Things I love today:
* it's gorgeous outside
* temple!
* relaxing/organizing/homeworking on my own
* talking to my mommy (it's actually been a while...)

And for some viewing pleasure (because I don't think I've shown my siblings yet): my final history project and lovely editing skills.

Day 9: someone you wish you could meet

Dear Ingrid, 
I wish I could meet you.  We could chat and sing and chat some more.  
You're too rad.  Maybe after your concert I'll chase you down (not really, I don't want to get in trouble).  Teach me how to be cool.
Love, Erin

There are too many people I want to meet, but I guess I'll meet them all one day, and she's just been on my mind.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 8: favorite internet friend

The only internet friends I don't know are from the blogs that I stalk.
(Especially StephanieLauren, and Naomi)

Dear friends, 
I really wouldn't spend so much time on your blogs if you weren't so sweet and inspiring.  So, thank you, I think.  I see your happy marriages, your creativity, and your faith.  And it's fun.  Even though I don't know you, you make me want to be a better person, so that one day I can help someone too.
Love, Erin

Sometimes I have a hard time saying what I want to say, and when someone doesn't understand, I get frustrated.  Especially when I don't get reactions that I was looking for.  I have to remember that not everyone shows emotion. Some people don't like to laugh sometimes...  Or maybe just not for me.

My friend said he thinks of me whenever he listens to Ingrid Michaelson because I kind of look like her.  Before she went blonde and got rid of the glasses... Haha, but it made me listen to more of her stuff and I'm officially on a kick.  But she really is gorgeous and has an awesome style.

all via

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7: ex-love/crush

Oh, boy.  

We had some times together.  They were good because I learned a lot.  We hated girls because of the drama they (she) caused.  You tried to teach me to do something that I'm sure I'd love, but my lack of coordination was an issue.  I'm so glad you tried, it's one of my favorite memories.  
I loved you.  I'll probably always love you, but I'm glad I'm over it.  I don't know exactly when that happened, but it's definitely been a process.  The fact that you're the kind of guy I shouldn't be with helped so much.  
I do hope you're happy, though.  I hope you find something and someone you love and make life everything that you want it to be.  But you can't ever forget about me, either.
You're my best friend.

Love, Erin

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 6: a stranger

Dear Lady at the gym, 
You were on the elliptical next to mine this morning.  You scared me when you started laughing.  You were watching tv and continued to laugh for the whole seven minutes I could stand to stay by you.  I think I even heard an, "Oh no, they didn't."  Giggling or chuckling would have been one thing, but your gut-busting guffaws were interesting...  I'm not saying you shouldn't laugh in public, I even laughed, but maybe I just wasn't in the mood.
Love, that sweaty girl 

Dear Man at gym, 
You looked like Taye Diggs.  You were hot.  You were probably too old (not that I care), and I know you saw me look at you, but that's what you get for stretching in front of me.  
Love, that really sore girl

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5: my dreams

Dear Dreams, 

Please stop teasing me.  I had a dream about buying Hannah Mickey Mouse coasters and we discussed coasters and water rings in YW.  I dreamed I was talking to this guy, and I sat by him in Sacrament.  There are others that matter more than coasters, but don't manifest themselves in any way.  Yet.

I used to tell people I was psychic because I would have dreams that would come true months later.  It's my own little deja vu.  (Spellcheck wants me to change "deja" to "deejay")

I'm a dreamer.  I have lots of intense, crazy dreams at night, and I can day dream at any point during the day.  I get lost in my own little world, which is both an advantage and a hinderance.  I don't get bored because my thoughts take me all over the place; however, sometimes it takes more effort for me to concentrate when I really need to.  

Remember when you used to scare me a lot?  When you kept haunting me with that boy from my second grade class?  Yeah, he came into my room at night wearing a cape and had a horn in the back of his head.  I think he was trying to kill me with a machete.  I had that one at least five times, and long after I was in second grade.  

I just have one dream that I'd like to have and come true.  It involves me knowing what I need to do with my life.  A cute boy would be an acceptable addition.  Good luck, see you soon.

Love, Erin

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 4: a sibling

Well, I have lots of siblings to choose from, but only a few read this.  I still feel obligated to say something to all of them.  Short and sweet, but they'll have to guess which one is theirs (except Mike and it won't be hard anyway).

Dear Sister, 
Utah better be next on the vacation list.  Don't try and tell me there won't be a vacation soon, I'll probably be here for the rest of my life (not).  Make your daughter come out here for school.  I love you.

Dear Sister, 
Mom said if I can't figure out what to do with my life (school...) I could come live with/near you for a year.  I know you'd love it and I would too, but we both know there'd be six other fighters.  Don't tell anyone, but your area might be a bit more exciting.  :)

Dear Sister, 
BABY!  It's probably up to you and another to give me the nieces and nephews I need for the rest of my life, or at least until I have my own children, so have fun.  No rush, and I'll be out to see this one soon. 

Dear Sister, 
I don't get to talk to you nearly as much as I should.  I miss you!  I know we're both busy, but I'm gonna work on that this year. I need to make my way out there... Soon, I promise.

Dear Brother, 
You are the coolest brother ever.  Everyone thinks so.  Even Megan keeps talking about you.  Thanks for coming out here, I've missed you guys.  I wish I could come visit when you move, that would be rad.  Would it be easy to sneak in the country?  Love your babies.  

Dear Sister, 
You're so hip, and sweet.  You've always been able to accomplish things even when your list is a mile long and your kids need attention.  Teach me your ways.  

When I fell asleep last night I lost my phone somewhere on my bed, but I was too tired to find it.  I really should've because without an alarm I can sleep until noon.  Or 11:30.
Confession:  I am not a morning person.  I suppose I can be, but I've never given it a real try.  I really love night time.  Anyway, I can rarely getup early unless I have somewhere I have to be.  If I have no obligation in the early hours, I'm bound to sleep right through.  Then, I get really angry with myself.  I hate sleeping in past the point where I feel like I've wasted my day, but I have major issues getting up.    

I'm down to crunch time for my summer projects.  I always claim that I work better under pressure (like my mother), but I'm sad that I let myself get that stressed sometimes.  

Also, if I have to witness another line dance I will hurt someone.  I hate line dances.  And bad dance music.

It's a beautiful day.  Be happy.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3: parents

Dear Mommy, 
I love you.  A lot.  Thanks for letting me whine and cry when I need to.  
I'm trying hard and being good.  
Come visit me.  We should go to the Beehive Tea Room.
I'll probably talk to you really soon, so... BIG LOVES.
Your Babygirl

I talk to my mother a lot.  It's great.  Since I moved out, we communicate better on a lot of things.  Unfortunately, that's probably because half of our conversations are via telephone.  It's helping me move out of my "I'm a teenager and my frustrations will be taken out on whoever I love the most" phase because she probably puts down the phone and takes a bathroom break while I'm whining.  Anyway, my mom is great.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 2: someone you secretly think is cute

Dear boy, 
I secretly think you're cute.  You have gorgeous eyes and you crack me up.  I think you used to love me, so that helps too.
My friends think you're annoying, but I miss hanging out with you.  Sometimes we talk for a second, but never really reconnect.  Let's fix that, please.  
Are you excited to go on a mission?  It seems like it's coming so fast.  Where do you think you'll go to school after?  You're the kind of friend that makes me want to stay in-state, just so I can see how we all turn out.
If you grow up a little, maybe I'll ask you on a date.  :)
Love, Erin

I have homework and things to do asap, but I can't seem to get back in the habit yet.
Camp pictures will be up soon.  

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was hanging around letting my toe nails dry and I figured I might as well start this lovely 30 days/30 letters challenge.

Dear Best Friend, 
I have lots of really good friends, but we've been together the longest.  They say the day we met was really cute, but we were too young to remember.  It stinks that I can't see your face as often as I used to, but we'll figure it out.
We used to have the same taste in boys (somewhat), but when I moved and we grew up, you didn't like the hipsters and I tried to avoid the hicks.  :)  I'm glad we can still talk, but it's not happening enough.  
A Zaxby's salad sounds really good right now.
I think you should come to BYU.  Tuition is less than FSU (by $818), even for out-of-staters, and you can still get a scholarship... Remember how we were going to Princeton together?  This could be even better. 
Let's roadtrip soon.  I lub you!

    Day 1: Your best friend.
    Day 2: Someone you secretly think is cute.
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    Day 4: A sibling. 
    Day 5: Your dreams.
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    Day 8: Your favorite internet friend.
    Day 9: Someone you wish you could meet.
    Day 10: Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to.
    Day 11: Someone who died.
    Day 12: The person who has caused you the most pain in your life.
    Day 13: Someone you wish would forgive you.
    Day 14: Someone you have drifted away from.
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    Day 16: Someone that doesn’t live in your state/country.
    Day 17: Someone from your childhood.
    Day 18: The person that you wish you could be.
    Day 19: Someone that pesters your mind (good or bad.)
    Day 20: The person that broke your heart the hardest.
    Day 21: Someone you judged by first impression.
    Day 22: Someone you want to give a second chance to.
    Day 23: Someone who makes you laugh really hard.
    Day 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory.
    Day 25: A person you know is going through hard times.
    Day 26: The last person you made a pinky promise to.
    Day 27: The friendliest person you only knew for a day.
    Day 28: Someone that changed your life.
    Day 29: The person that you want to tell everything to.
    Day 30: Your reflection in the mirror.

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    manic monday

    I hate that beef jerky comes in such small, expensive quantities.  Unfortunately that doesn't stop me from eating half the package that I bought to take camping this week.  It'll be gone before we get up in the mountains tomorrow.

    I'm not a good packer.  I have the worst reputation.  I've done plenty of traveling in my day, so I have the basics down (rolling clothes, plastic bags, distribute weight, expect a note saying they searched your bag when packing school books), but I still need to work on my timing.  I think it started because my Mom usually gets me early flights, but I have trouble sleeping on planes.  To 'fix' that, I started staying up all night packing the night before so I'd be tired enough to sleep during the trip.  It worked pretty well, but I'm still in that habit.  My point: I haven't packed for our camping trip yet.  It's not hard, I just have better things to do...

    I got my fishing license tonight.  The guy said my hair was blonde.

    Mini gummi bears are the best.

    I lost my train of thought.  Be back soon.

    Sunday, August 1, 2010