Monday, August 29, 2011

it's sunday night and i can't sleep.
actually, i haven't tried too hard yet
because that just means morning will come faster.

there's lightning and rain outside.
there has been almost every night since i moved in.
it's beautiful.

i'm not scared for classes to start.
i really can't wait to get into a routine
and see what college really is.
but i am a little nervous about how it's all going down tomorrow.

it will be great.

i am a college student, so i can get away with things like this:

peppermint tea in the pyrex for what better be a tired throat,
not a sick one.
my giraffe mug broke and this baby was perfect.
i'm all about using my resources,
especially if it means fewer dishes.

so here's what i learned today:
was too excited about beard man to finish before

ysa wards are hilarious.
hand holding.
talking (or in my case, laughing) at inappropriate times.
love stories from the stake president.
boys doing things to make girls laugh.
or think they're cute (until you remember they're getting their mission call this week).
introducing yourself 1248758713920395 times.
boys praying: "we're thankful for all these beautiful people in our ward... and the brethren too."

i can not make these things up.
all things considered, i adore my ward.
we are quality.

and i have never had so much fun at ward choir, ever.

night, ya'll.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

student wards 101




Monday, August 22, 2011

life moves on

and sometimes we need to change our email addresses we made when we were twelve.
so we do it.
and it feels good, but really weird to tell people 
instead of rugratsluvr or ilovefood01 or dinosrokkk.
(even though mine was very classy)
ya know?

i move into my apartment on wednesday.
just buying things
and switching up bank accounts and insurance and the like.

once i'm hanging and studying
instead of saying goodbye,
i'll let you know what's up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


the newest baby boy in the family,
(St. Louis, King Louis, baby, bubs, pretty boy, buddy, handsome, etc.)
born June 4, 2011
and the cutest standard poodle you ever did see.

seriously, I'm converted.
we picked him up this morning and he is a sweetheart. 
he loves riding in the car, sniffing, playing, and napping.

we've had dogs for most of the past 10 years, 
but this is the first one my mom and I will have as a puppy,
and we are excited!

Louie is the best snuggler.
he smushes himself into corners and under your leg,
and likes your arm around him.

with the help of his hedgehog
 (from the breeder, has the scent of his siblings),
he's adapting pretty well.

also, it's pretty funny naming a dog with your parents.
we're hoping Louie sticks.

Monday, August 1, 2011

southern exposure

No, not the kind on Beck St.

I'm starting a "series," or whatever those fancy bloggers call it, to highlight all the things I love about the South.  I'm kind of frustrated right now because I really want to get back to Utah and enjoy a little dry air time before school starts.  For now, this will help me appreciate where I am, and later it will help tide me over until I get home.

Here we go:

FL storms are the best.
When it's not loud and adrenaline pumping, it's absolutely beautiful,
especially on the long drives through the woods.

The only thing that makes it better is when Mom buys me an Express Lane refill.
Hers is filled to the brim with ice and showered with Dr. P, 
while my handful of ice rests in a bath of the same syrupy goodness.