Friday, October 26, 2012

ladies doing stuff, ep. 2

I should not be allowed to think I'm this funny.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i just thought about grey's the whole time

day 2:

this is an awful picture, but it's too hilarious.
makes me miss those girls even more!
the display they are modeling was from a crazy expensive store 
that i remember nothing about except for the bajillion sewing machines.
so, that's cool.
after killing some time we made it to our ride the ducks tour.
seriously you guys.  this is some of the best money i spent on this trip.  and it wasn't that cheap.
basically you ride around in an old military bus/boat
and explore the best land/water that seattle has to offer.
captain sid e. slicker.
he was quite the entertaining fellow. 
if i wasn't cheap, gratuities would definitely have been given for a job well done.
dancing and costume changes make me happy.

did you know there is a difference between house boats and floating homes?
there is.  can you guess which one this is?
cause i can't remember.
sail boats just remind me of home.  
i didn't want to go home while i was in seattle, but i do now!
anyway, it was gorgeous.
recognize the red floating home?
it's the real sleepless in seattle house!
we crossed paths with another duck group and it was special.
right before we saw this cool plane land on the water,
we passed by the mother of one of the guys on the tour.
she was just chilling, paddleboarding in the lake.
i want to be that.
a crazy old factory they fenced around and turned into a park.
i just keep getting more photogenic as the trip goes on.
i don't know what it is.
sid had earrings and tattoos too.
which you know i loved.
besides the super authentic (not) piroshky that i make my family slave over during the holidays, 
this is the best i've ever had.  i even got a t-shirt.
but there were so many options, i just couldn't even handle it.
apparently it's a pretty popular place because several people recommended it to us,
and there was quite the line for such a teeny space
bottom line: worth it.
we saw a band.
of navy men.
and we liked it.
oldest sister, especially.
and me, cause i'm the only single sister.
it's weird being the only single one.
at night when they call their husbands and kids, i'm like, "heyyyy mom."
but i actually didn't because i thought that might be desperate. 
i saw a kinfolk magazine in person! at anthroplogie!
we walked though pike's place again and i decided that the fish men
were slightly less entertaining than i was expecting.
i laugh so hard.  i don't remember which sister took this, but it is prime.
on our way back to the ghetto, we saw our first installment of seattle's famous street art.  
i actually don't remember exactly what they called it, but once we saw it, it was all over.
interesting stuff.  i'm pretty sure water came out of this one.
we ended the night with some super delicious sushi.  
i don't think i've ever ordered seconds before, but we definitely did that night.
this is my sister before she tried a super raw roll.
she looks happy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hey, internet

best friend hannah and i are starting a vlog!
we felt like we had things to say, and we like ourselves.

keep your eyes out for future embarrassment.

Monday, October 15, 2012

sisters in seattle

I miss my sisters and their not awkward lives, 
so I figured it was time to document the best part of my summer.

Now that I have finally joined the ranks of my older and wiser sisters 
(I'm not in high school and can do whatever I want), 
I got to go on a trip with all of them!
To Seattle!
(The first weekend of August.  Like the only 4 days it didn't rain AT ALL.)
At the same time!

It was kind of the best.

Day 1:
I got there first and people watched.  It was good.
A few hours later 5/6 of us were finally together and we took a crazy cab ride to the hotel.
The two pints of Haagen-Dazs they gave us made it a little better.
Okay, a lot better.  We ate that up and liked it.

Then we took our first walk through the ghetto to get to Pike Place!  
It was just as touristy and cool as you would imagine.

(A-Dog might not like me for this, but it just needed to happen.)
Even after exploring the Market a second time, this spice/tea shop was my favorite part.  
I didn't buy anything, and I'm actually regretting it.  
I made so many justifications, but now I just really want some peach coconut rooibos tea (right?!).
We found the gum wall!  Way grosser and way cooler than I was expecting.
My seriously cute pregnant (but not anymore!) sister 
tried on some crazy hooker/Wonder Woman shoes at Nordstrom Rack. 
And I tried on some size 14 women's shoes.
We didn't get anything.
And then we were so excited to be complete!

And then some of us slept better than others.
For the record, I slept very well.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy falls y'alls

Let it be known that I am the biggest whiner when it comes to the heat.  I cannot do it.
Unless I'm on a beach somewhere.

Because of that I am claiming to be fall's biggest fan ever.  October and November are my jam.

I left the library early tonight because I was starving 
(somebody help me remember to eat meals at normal times; dinner at 11 is getting old).
I have no food, so I made oatmeal.
And I ate that oatmeal in bed, with the window open,
and I wanted to cry because it finally felt a little bit like fall.
And because I'm so tired.  But mostly because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am looking forward to pumpkin flavors and leaves and holidays,
but mostly I'm looking forward to less sweat dripping down my body all the times.

Here's to less sweat!  Cheers!