Friday, September 27, 2013

I spent a day in August not packing, but being awesome on twitter, so:

Instead of doing things I'm supposed to, I just came up with an unnecessarily long list of things I want out of life. And now, I will share:

I want to date someone way hotter than me to confuse that one friend who cares too much about that stuff.

I want to appreciate eating my feelings because feelings are good and those eats taste great.

I want, for just one day, to be able to tell everyone what I'm thinking and not care about the consequences.

I want to have to work for what I have, but I want to have more than I need. Your money talk isn't inspirational, it's whiny.

I want to meet a guy who doesn't care that I despise hiking.

I want to teach my kids that they can be happy & healthy (phys&emo) just how they are, so when they have friends like her, they won't hurt.

I want to never regret a late afternoon nap.

I want to marry someone older than me to prove to my peeps that it's not weird.

hashtag new girl problems

one of my managers called me tonight and said they didn't need me to come in for my shift after all.
"enjoy your friday night," she said.

if it wasn't so sad, it would be hilarious.
no, it's still funny.

but i have had literally no social life for the past 6 weeks.
i love hanging out with my family, but i'm getting to that point.

so i'm in my pjs and online shopping by 8:30, as per uzh. 
how do we spell uzh? ushe? youzhe? 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

about 3 weeks ago, i started working at bath & body works.
it's a job.
9 months of job searching in provo got me nothing, 
and here, i had two offers at the end of one week.
i actually don't hate it, and I feel blessed to have it. 
but it's not perfect.

so i'm looking for another part-time to fill my time, i guess. 
i was kind of hoping i'd be able to relax on the job front once i found something.
looking for a job is a job by itself. 
now would be a good time to be crafty enough to sell things.

anyway. i've gotten to babysit for my brother's kids a few times,
which is super fun because they are moving soon!
the perfect combination of cash money and people i love.

if you don't have instagram, this is how cute they are:
(i made the second one to show my friend how they say certain russian words)

i'm doing that church thing, of course, so that gives me some things to do.
i've written a bit about byu single's wards before, and i could write even more about mine here. 
i will one day. 

i've also done a little, but not enough, of this:
and super cliche, but i cannot believe how fast this month is going. i've almost lived here a month!

Friday, September 6, 2013

where i've been

tonight is the kind of night that makes me miss provo.
well. actually, i'm very much enjoying my alone time, 
but it's the rooftop concert
and there's something ridiculously magical about the beginning of the end of summer in provo.

but now i'm all (kinda) settled in in virginia, 
and there was a slight chill in the air today that made me real excited for the next few months.

i thought this move would provide more clarity. not answers, just ideas.
i've only been here for two weeks, so i'm sure it will,
but it's hard to not have questions about my timing.

but i'll be wearing sweaters soon, so nothing else matters.