Thursday, June 5, 2014

written on 6/14/13:
I sold my old iPhone on KSL this week. By that I mean, I had it posted on KSL for 24 hours (and 16 calls/texts) when a boy from my freshman ward came over to buy it from me. Because I'm lazy and directing strangers to my house feels weird. No, I will not drive two hours to sell you something. Anyway.

I have two roommates currently planning weddings. It's fun. It really is. It makes me embarrassed that I know so much about planning weddings, and also I wish more people would ask my opinions. Cause I have some real good ones right now!

I'm eating a bowl of mashed potatoes in the living room while everyone around me is doing said wedding planning. So, my life is real exciting.

I cracked my iPhone screen at work last week. It's a miracle it didn't happen before now. So, now I'm shopping for a phone case that I actually like, while open heart surgery is being performed on the kitchen table (for the phone, duh). Ugh, technology.

Friends are still getting married and I love it. Yay, Pinterest. Why am I not a wedding planner?

It's noon and I haven't eaten a single thing today. This random anxiety that makes it difficult to eat is getting out of hand.