Tuesday, May 29, 2012

say what?

Jill kindly reminded me that I have been absent from this here jig.  She's in Alaska and I think she misses me.  This is us eating JDawgs during happier times (study break, right?):

To make Jill happy, I'm going to share the best quotes from our first year at the Y.  Are Mormon girls the only people that do this?  Quote walls?  No idea, but we ran into many in Ptown.


In sacrament: 
"My topic is Christ in college. Probably not this college because beards are frowned upon here."

PoliSci Prof:
"BYU grads have issues with ambiguity."

Ryan James Waite, the Great:
"The CIA installed a camera in my pants, ok?"

"No, he was more than a cow!  He was a bull, or a horse..."

Jill (& Barney Stinson, right?):
"Year awesome.  Awesome is my favorite word."
"They say you are what you eat.  I don't remember eating a SEXY BEAST this morning."

"I feel like I just ate a small seal."
"What if he had a beard on his elbow?  Scar, beard, elbow all in one place!"

And, yours truly:
"Do not let your light so hide under a bushel."
"The mustache brings him special power."
"I'm exotic!  I'm like European or something!"


I'm sorry that more people didn't witness our hilarity this year.  Cause we're dang funny.  And we obviously need to work harder on the quote wall.

Jill does like saying awesome.  She's awesome.

The mustache in question does not, in fact, belong to Ammon the RA.

I miss being weird and being accepted.  Fall '12 baby!

Okay, I'm done.