Tuesday, July 29, 2014

if this vacation was a snapchat filter

i had three weeks off of work in june, which was a little blah,
but i got to go home for a week!

i mostly went on runs (which was good cause the abundance of horseflies actually made me run),
went to the beach, and watched hgtv with my mom.
i also cleaned out my old room and that was buckets of fun.
i'm a winner! some of these are for softball & tennis, but most of them are for honor roll, 
perfect attendance, and writing. so now you know how cool i was. 
when i was young and angsty, i loved this spot in my little town.
i accidentally took this on a run one night, but i'm a little obsessed.
my step dad gave me this old camera of his, and one day i'll have enough money to restore it. 
i can't get over how classy it is.
and i leave you with the artistic brilliance of 2.5 year old Erin:

Monday, July 28, 2014



i'm a little bit in denial that it's the end of july and my favorite holiday is way over.

i'm not going to lie, i was a little sad at the prospect of not being in utah for the fourth.
it's a pretty great place to be during the summer.

but i got over it cause, dc, duh.

we went into dc in the morning to catch a parade and eat homemade pop tarts. do yourself a favor and get the peanut butter bacon.

then after a nap and the customary outfit change, i barbecued with my favorite cousins in virginia, and we watched some magical fireworks with the mall in the background and i officially called the day a success.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

written on 6/14/13:
I sold my old iPhone on KSL this week. By that I mean, I had it posted on KSL for 24 hours (and 16 calls/texts) when a boy from my freshman ward came over to buy it from me. Because I'm lazy and directing strangers to my house feels weird. No, I will not drive two hours to sell you something. Anyway.

I have two roommates currently planning weddings. It's fun. It really is. It makes me embarrassed that I know so much about planning weddings, and also I wish more people would ask my opinions. Cause I have some real good ones right now!

I'm eating a bowl of mashed potatoes in the living room while everyone around me is doing said wedding planning. So, my life is real exciting.

I cracked my iPhone screen at work last week. It's a miracle it didn't happen before now. So, now I'm shopping for a phone case that I actually like, while open heart surgery is being performed on the kitchen table (for the phone, duh). Ugh, technology.

Friends are still getting married and I love it. Yay, Pinterest. Why am I not a wedding planner?

It's noon and I haven't eaten a single thing today. This random anxiety that makes it difficult to eat is getting out of hand. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I started my new job 8 days ago.
Training is three solid weeks of me using my brain more than I did in college. All day, every day.
Except for weekends. And today.

The point is, I'm tired, but slightly less stressed than I was 8 days ago. We're all good.

Today I get to do all the things I don't have time to do for the next week and a half.
Like running. And getting my pool pass! And trying to figure out what to pack for lunch.
I'm also planning to get a mall massage and a pedicure, cause treat yo self.

Here's my problem with pedicures: the exact same conversation occurs every time.
"Why are your nails so short/little?"
"That's just how they are."
"You should grow them out."
"They don't really get any longer than that (also, that's gross)..."
*continues staring at my toes*
"So can I get a discount for my baby toes?'
*various death stares*

I guess I'm not funny.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

NYC highlights

- I made everybody listen to this song as we drove into the city and it was magical.
- Computers & Cameras! Jk. Late Show, though!
- We didn't go see good ole David, but we did see Cinderella! Carly Rae was out that night, but Fran Drescher was amazing, and who knew so many ex 30 Rock guests were on Broadway?!
- Late night Halal from THE HALAL GUYS. It was like 11 pm, and there were lines a block long. That is what dreams are made of.
- Stalking my Mormon mommy bloggers at Stake Conf. at the temple church.
- Levain Bakery. It took me a whole 24 hours to finish that dang cookie (I got the dark chocolate chocolate chip). So worth the 4 or 5 dolla bills.
- Top of the Rock. SO GREAT. Apparently cheaper, less crowded, and a way better view than the Empire State (also, you get to actually see the Empire State). Empire State selfie seen here.
- Walked through Times Square, which was a little eh, and then strolled and sat in Bryant Park, which I loved.
- On our subway ride to the Staten Island Ferry, a group of old men got on our nearly empty train and sang This Little Light of Mine. It was fabulous.
- Wafels & Dinges, Alice's Tea House, a tiramisu cannoli (funny story: the only cannoli I've ever had was in Italy, and I did not love it, but Little Italy made things so so right), and The Melt Shop. The adults went out for their anniversary one night, so the little girls and I ventured out for some dinner. Buttermilk fried chicken grilled cheese w/ red cabbage slaw and rosemary tots. You guys.
- And finally, the view from our hotel room at night. The last night we were there I couldn't stand it, so I went on a walk and it was beautiful.