Tuesday, August 3, 2010

manic monday

I hate that beef jerky comes in such small, expensive quantities.  Unfortunately that doesn't stop me from eating half the package that I bought to take camping this week.  It'll be gone before we get up in the mountains tomorrow.

I'm not a good packer.  I have the worst reputation.  I've done plenty of traveling in my day, so I have the basics down (rolling clothes, plastic bags, distribute weight, expect a note saying they searched your bag when packing school books), but I still need to work on my timing.  I think it started because my Mom usually gets me early flights, but I have trouble sleeping on planes.  To 'fix' that, I started staying up all night packing the night before so I'd be tired enough to sleep during the trip.  It worked pretty well, but I'm still in that habit.  My point: I haven't packed for our camping trip yet.  It's not hard, I just have better things to do...

I got my fishing license tonight.  The guy said my hair was blonde.

Mini gummi bears are the best.

I lost my train of thought.  Be back soon.

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