Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yesterday I found out my family's little dog Cosette had a tumor that was causing her pain and needed to be taken out.  I'm so sad she was hurting, but I'm so thankful for modern medicine!  As far as I know, everything is great now.  

The other night as I was trying to find something to do other than homework, I decided to do a little blog makeover.  I picked ab initio for my new title because it means from the beginning.  For me, every day is a new beginning because I'm constantly learning something that helps me grow.  Hopefully it will be fitting as I leave for school next year, as well.  
I should also mention that just in case you ever see a weird title on this blog, they always are song titles or some from songs. 

My school's Christmas dance was on Saturday at the U of U.  It was fun, but honestly I could've done without the dance.  If you know me at all, you know I love to boogie, but high school dances suck.  My date and I rolled our eyes at each other every time a new song started and eventually, our only entertainment was watching how crazy other people were.  I probably had the coolest date there.
For our day activity we went bowling and I totally owned the second game-- 138 points, baby!  Then Saturday night we had dinner at my house and partied at the dance.  
Don't you hate it when you're really excited for something and you just get letdown after letdown?  The silly part is, is that this time it was all about me and if I had really taken the time to sit down and think about my decisions (Mad Cow Disease), I might have felt better.
Overall, it rocked my socks.  I didn't take pictures because that would be normal, so as soon as I get them from the fam, I will show you the glory.  

This morning I went shopping for Guadalupe at 6 am.  Woot.

Here's todays song.  I'm not ashamed at all to admit that I first fell in love with it after watching Raise Your Voice, and that I still love both.  It's pretty much my dream to sing The Messiah one day.
This is an awesome video, too.  Enjoy!

Also, I am so attracted to John Corbett.

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  1. and that is what Frankendog is so old...Papa keeps giving it surgeries and prolonging its life... I think it is 17 now. That much be a world record.


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