Sunday, May 8, 2011

i'm thinking

about how this is my Mom's 41st(ish, if you count pregnancy, right?) Mother's Day.

about how much I love each and every one of the mothers in my life: my own, my aunt, my sisters &  cousins.

about how in a matter of a few years, I could be a mother too.  and that's exciting.

I read this darling blog.  I really want to be them.
She posted today about how her mom always gave her daughters gifts on Mother's Day, 
and she never felt like she deserved it, but now she has a daughter of her own, 
and she gets it.  Read it, trust me.

Anyway, I decided that I want to do that with my daughters.
I don't know quite yet how special motherhood is, but I can only imagine.

So, Happy Mother's Day to you all.
I hope you got to talk to your mommy and snuggle some babies like I did.

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  1. I got to go to nursery with Holden; he fell asleep in my lap in Sacrament.

    I want to be a mommy.

    in 5-10 years.


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