Friday, September 23, 2011

it's my rite

Yesterday morning I woke up on my own about forty minutes before I needed to leave for class.  
It felt great.

Then I decided to just not go to class.  
That felt better.

So, I spent the day (mostly) by myself and being productive.  

Roomie and I got groceries and things in the morning 
and moved this helpful fellow into the apartment:
Lemme tell ya.  It was time for him to come.

Then I spent the afternoon cleaning and reading up on writing & Russian.

I needed it.  It was almost better than taking myself on a date.

Then Karma decided to pay a visit.
We couldn't watch Glee.

But now it's Friday and things are even better in the world.
And Glee worked.

Stay tuned for a recap of tonight's football game
and a weekend on the town.  


  1. Sometimes it is good to skip a class and sometimes it is scary haha

  2. This is funny! I never have skipped a class but looking back at college I should have relaxed more and done it! Glad Glee worked and you had a good day away from school :) PS. Heard from Gentri you are coming to the blogger meet up! So that is awesome :) I'm helping throw it with her and Kelsey!!!! Yay!


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