Friday, December 2, 2011

arranged marriage

If I had a nickel for every time I thought some random guy could/should be my future husband...

I would have a pile of nickels.  A large pile.  I could probably buy something nice for myself.

Here we have the most recent men and why we're getting married.  Obviously.

carpet cleaning guy: we like the same musician.  and he was in my apartment for like, ten whole minutes.

the guy sitting in front of me in the library: because he's there.  and i like his windbreaker.

Peter from the crosswalk: my first "hi, I'm an RM" experience.

the boy who smiled at me from his hot car: duh.

mustache man (who said I was the first to compliment, not run away): he obviously needs me.

and then there's hot, reading man in library (need I say more?) who is probably the perfect combination of all of the above.  right?  yeah, until his girl comes and hugs him for a long time.  Too long.  She has a ring.  Although, this supposedly isn't a problem because, as I've heard from way too many professors/leaders, it's not over until he has a ring on.

this place is weird.

but we all know best friends who write really great letters are the best.

Happy weekend!  I only have two more until my first semester of college is done.  Done done done.
&& if everything goes as planned, I will be seeing Like Crazy tonight and shedding some happy/sad tears with the best friend (I need some catharsis up in here!).


  1. this may just be one of the best blog posts in all of blog land. for reals though. i'm the same way. i see a guy with great curly hair - oh hey we should date. i find out some guy likes the same music as me - soul mates. i hear he likes mexican food - totally meant to be.

  2. Hi there. I'm Maggie's cousin down in Provo. And I love this post, and you could totally get the hot guy in the Library before there is a ring on his finger. And I most definitely think the same way about complete strangers. It could happen!!!


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