Wednesday, March 14, 2012

thinking about

3 midterms
3 papers
a pile of somewhat ridiculous homework

and as of this afternoon, an intense cold.
I did not know my immune system could betray me so fast!

so now I'm thinking about vitamins, cough drops, and my new camelbak!

I've been needing a new one for a long time and I figured being sick was a perfect excuse.  and it's purple!

I'm horrible at keeping myself on a schedule, but this crazy week might just change that.  We're praying for that, anyway.

This week is absolutely beautiful!  Any day that I can wear a dress or shorts and neither freeze nor sweat is a perfect one.  And for me that's 60 degrees and sunny. 

On Friday Hannah and I went on an adventure and, as we were prepping for a picnic, we found girl scout cookies!  My craving has been satisfied.  Several times.

And sometimes Jill and I study.  And she does awesome on the test, and I do not.  Awesome.

One day I'll take real pictures and have fun stories.  That day will probably be after April 18.  We're almost there!

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