Saturday, July 14, 2012

on marriage

On Thursday the 21st, JJ & Kait got married!

bonding on the way to the temple.
I want to be them one day.  the sweetest.
in spite of all the movement/excitement, I got this.  and I'm very proud.
the girls were ridiculously excited to hold Kait's train.  I always forget how that is.
while we were waiting for our turn on the stairway to heaven/love booth, Jack made his way behind another couple still taking pictures and made himself comfortable.  it was beyond hilarious to everyone except his parents.
right before pictures, two of the baby boys had poop issues.  
pictures were sad, but once changed and given ice, this one was ridiculously happy.
and naked.
I secretly adore this dress.  this girl was the cutest and owned that pink satin and polyester lace.

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