Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my roomies are leaving me

To us, this is the funniest video in the world.  
Jess is so happy she doesn't have to go to the Provo MTC, and that she's not going to Norway.
Her family is freaking out (that's her mom screaming) because her mission president in Spain is their neighbor! Her mom served in Finland and they have lots of Norwegian heritage, so we had been teasing her for weeks that that's where she was going because she really didn't want to.
As Jill was opening hers, Jess joked that they were saving Norway for her.  And they did.
And then Jess is all over the place.

I seriously can't watch this without tearing up.  I am the most emotional roommate ever.
There's a reason I'm not posting any pictures of us. :)

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