Friday, March 29, 2013

guess what i did last night?

yay bathroom selfies.

I've had the itch for months.
I just needed to do something.

However, I actually liked my hair 
and I spent a lot of money on highlights in October
so I put it off.

But it's just been one of those weeks.
And I needed something.

So I put my lovely neighbor/future roomie to work!

Color. Cut. Brow tint. Lash tint.

It was a crazy night.
I promise that one eyebrow isn't darker than the other. I just am an awkward angle.
Can we talk about how weird it is to have eyebrows?
Like, I know they look normal, but I feel like a clown.
I've never had visible eyebrows before!
I think that's the biggest change. It's throwing everybody off.

Also, no mascara for weeks!
Even though it was an itchy & twitchy 10 minutes of keeping my eyes closed, 
I am a huge fan of the lash tint. 
I might have to keep this up.

I'm really excited to do it myselfand play with it.
It's just really soft right now.

I love change! I love red!

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