Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Launching Leaders

So it turns out that churchy self help type seminars are a huge deal. Who knew?

Now, I can't really tell you a whole lot about what this one is really about 
because I attended like 3 of the 7 or 8 or however many sessions there were.

BUT, Brother & Sister Ritchie are super sweet missionaries who I picked up some wise thoughts from.
(I also stole these super flattering photos of me from their website,

I was looking at my notes the other day, and there's actually some gems, so here you go:

+ Write a personal constitution.
You're not going to be what you say you want to be if you don't name them & remember.

Peak Performance Model:
+ Spiritual Toughening
+ Time Management (self esteem=productivity=tm)
+ Financial Fitness
+ Skills & Talents- find your oil
+ Nutrition & Rest
+ Humor (the most successful leader/person only laughs at themselves, no one else)
+ Creativity
+ Mental Toughness- "I will go, I will do."
+ Communication
+ Leadership

3 Es of Training (Communication, I think?)

7 Steps to a Great Talk:
+ "I remember..." story
+ Summarize
+ a Scripture
+ object lesson/visual aid
+ "Will you..."
+ "I promise..."
+ "I know..."

^ Also, 
Humor, Passion, Voice, Face, Grooming, Time

*An 8 minute talk is 8 minutes or less. That's my jam.

Gotta have a good mix of:
Message, passion, credibility

I love that. I think it applies to the way we live life,
not just the way we give talks!
So so awesome.

I also would say message/cause because of the next part...

BHAG -> Big Hairy Audacious Goal
(something we should all have! but that I can't figure out)

BHAG = cause, credibility, passion

And that's all we have! Except for a couple great videos.

The first one is a TED Talk by Benjamin Zander,
which I remember nothing about except that it was good & this:
"I will never say anything that I could not stand to be my last words."

The other one is something I just remember being adorable and hilarious:
The Story of Jonah far across the sheeaa!

k i'm done. 

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