Wednesday, April 9, 2014

i went to temple square with my girls and it was the best ever.

almost done with utah posts, i promise.

the sunday i was there, i went to church in slc with these ladies,
& then we napped and walked temple sqaure.
and it was beautiful outside,
so it was basically the best sunday in history.

it was really nice and interesting to just walk and talk about life,
but also about the gospel.

i mentioned during my relief society lesson a few weeks ago
that discussing the gospel with people i love and who share similar feelings as i do,
is how my testimony grows the most,
and that made the day even better.

*the clipboard in the God's Plan picture was found outside of a movie screening room in the temple visitor's center.
it still makes me laugh.

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  1. I love this. I love you. I love the temple.

    Real quick, why am I liftin' my skirt in that last one? Riskay!!


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