Tuesday, July 29, 2014

if this vacation was a snapchat filter

i had three weeks off of work in june, which was a little blah,
but i got to go home for a week!

i mostly went on runs (which was good cause the abundance of horseflies actually made me run),
went to the beach, and watched hgtv with my mom.
i also cleaned out my old room and that was buckets of fun.
i'm a winner! some of these are for softball & tennis, but most of them are for honor roll, 
perfect attendance, and writing. so now you know how cool i was. 
when i was young and angsty, i loved this spot in my little town.
i accidentally took this on a run one night, but i'm a little obsessed.
my step dad gave me this old camera of his, and one day i'll have enough money to restore it. 
i can't get over how classy it is.
and i leave you with the artistic brilliance of 2.5 year old Erin:

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