Wednesday, November 5, 2014


You know when it's finally late summer and not the middle of, and you're sweating 5% less, but it makes all the difference? And you throw yourself into everything that is not summer?

I made this soup 3 times in September.
I'm basically saying I ate this for approximately 50% of my meals in September.

I'm a huge fan.

A few warnings:
I like my curry really curry-y.
This is not a real recipe. Curry puts me in a trance and it just kind of happens.

Chop an onion and saute in pot with coconut oil and (about or at least) 2 Tb curry powder,
until things get pretty and smell good.

Add chicken broth (half a pot? 4 cups-ish?).

Add your choice of chopped vegetables:
carrots (always)
sweet potato
literally whatever sounds good

Simmer for a few minutes to give those carrots a head start,
and mix in a handful of rice (I actually just stick my hand in the rice bag and throw it in),
and one diced apple (anything crisp or tart or left in your fridge).

Simmer some more!
Until it's done.

Then stir in a can of coconut milk and try not to eat the whole pot.

lentils, chicken, dash of cayenne, etc.

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