Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 11: someone who died

(I randomly picked an obituary from this past week:

Dear Mae Sherwood, 
I love your name.  It combines two very good bands and it's pretty.  I want to use Mae as a middle name for one of my future daughters.  You sound like a fantastic woman and I bet you loved telling your love story.  Can you teach a sculpting class in heaven?  I'd love to learn.  
Love, Erin
Holy, first day of school.  Last first day of high school.  
That rocks.  It was fun, I guess.  I got some homework, talked to people, ate lunch and got sick, had a blast (I think) in Newspaper. I need to buy a new calculator because apparently you need a super spiffy one for Statistics.  

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  1. The first day is never have to do that again!!


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