Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 2: someone you secretly think is cute

Dear boy, 
I secretly think you're cute.  You have gorgeous eyes and you crack me up.  I think you used to love me, so that helps too.
My friends think you're annoying, but I miss hanging out with you.  Sometimes we talk for a second, but never really reconnect.  Let's fix that, please.  
Are you excited to go on a mission?  It seems like it's coming so fast.  Where do you think you'll go to school after?  You're the kind of friend that makes me want to stay in-state, just so I can see how we all turn out.
If you grow up a little, maybe I'll ask you on a date.  :)
Love, Erin

I have homework and things to do asap, but I can't seem to get back in the habit yet.
Camp pictures will be up soon.  


  1. hmmm. i think i'm thinking i think the secretly cute boy you think is secretly cute is the one i think is secretly cute. i think? ehh... read mine then tell me.

  2. uh-oh. Haha, will do. :)


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