Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3: parents

Dear Mommy, 
I love you.  A lot.  Thanks for letting me whine and cry when I need to.  
I'm trying hard and being good.  
Come visit me.  We should go to the Beehive Tea Room.
I'll probably talk to you really soon, so... BIG LOVES.
Your Babygirl

I talk to my mother a lot.  It's great.  Since I moved out, we communicate better on a lot of things.  Unfortunately, that's probably because half of our conversations are via telephone.  It's helping me move out of my "I'm a teenager and my frustrations will be taken out on whoever I love the most" phase because she probably puts down the phone and takes a bathroom break while I'm whining.  Anyway, my mom is great.

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