Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5: my dreams

Dear Dreams, 

Please stop teasing me.  I had a dream about buying Hannah Mickey Mouse coasters and we discussed coasters and water rings in YW.  I dreamed I was talking to this guy, and I sat by him in Sacrament.  There are others that matter more than coasters, but don't manifest themselves in any way.  Yet.

I used to tell people I was psychic because I would have dreams that would come true months later.  It's my own little deja vu.  (Spellcheck wants me to change "deja" to "deejay")

I'm a dreamer.  I have lots of intense, crazy dreams at night, and I can day dream at any point during the day.  I get lost in my own little world, which is both an advantage and a hinderance.  I don't get bored because my thoughts take me all over the place; however, sometimes it takes more effort for me to concentrate when I really need to.  

Remember when you used to scare me a lot?  When you kept haunting me with that boy from my second grade class?  Yeah, he came into my room at night wearing a cape and had a horn in the back of his head.  I think he was trying to kill me with a machete.  I had that one at least five times, and long after I was in second grade.  

I just have one dream that I'd like to have and come true.  It involves me knowing what I need to do with my life.  A cute boy would be an acceptable addition.  Good luck, see you soon.

Love, Erin

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