Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7: ex-love/crush

Oh, boy.  

We had some times together.  They were good because I learned a lot.  We hated girls because of the drama they (she) caused.  You tried to teach me to do something that I'm sure I'd love, but my lack of coordination was an issue.  I'm so glad you tried, it's one of my favorite memories.  
I loved you.  I'll probably always love you, but I'm glad I'm over it.  I don't know exactly when that happened, but it's definitely been a process.  The fact that you're the kind of guy I shouldn't be with helped so much.  
I do hope you're happy, though.  I hope you find something and someone you love and make life everything that you want it to be.  But you can't ever forget about me, either.
You're my best friend.

Love, Erin


  1. sounds like a story I need to hear.........

  2. it's not as interesting as it sounds... :)
    if you want, though.

  3. Ditto on Ally's comment! That story might have to come out...

  4. Interesting or not, I should know these things about you.


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