Friday, September 10, 2010


Two words.  State.  Fair.  
When I love something, I love it.  And I love the State Fair.  Any fair, actually.  I'm a self-proclaimed fair nerd.  To me, it's magical.  The lights, the people, the random booths, the rides, the music, and the food.
You better believe I ate a frozen yogurt, funnel cake, and kettle corn.  You better believe my side ached after the Imagine concert.  We were dancing maniacs.  You better believe I rode the Starship 4000.  The Gravitron was my favorite ride at the Seafood Festival, so I was super excited to be able to ride it again.  I'll post pictures tomorrow when I recover from my sugar high.  

Day 20: the person that broke your heart the hardest

Dear self, 
Yeah, you know what you did.  It's ok, I'm over it.  It's all part of life and love.  You really are great, so don't worry about things too much.
Love, Erin

Yep.  Even though it's true, that's all I got.  
Thank you Ellen for today's awesome song.

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