Monday, October 11, 2010

not alone

Because I'm feeling too lazy to put pictures up tonight (although, I am one step closer), and because it's late and I still have math homework that will make me cry, I decided to post some funny things I found when I was looking through old posts on our family blog.  These are almost three years old, which means they're pretty hard to read, but still cute. 

I said:
"In 10-15 years... 
I'll be in the kitchen cooking, with a ton of little kids around and a baby sleeping by the counter. And I got a glimpse of that tonight. It'll be fun."  I have no idea what this was referring to, but I suppose it's still true.  I just don't think I want to know how many "a ton" is.

"Got our spring pics today, returned them to the office immediately.  Thanks for thinking I'm so cute."  I don't remember what these looked like, but that's probably a good thing.

"Out here scones are the fried dough stuff. Have had them for dinner several times. Very yummy, but not what you expect."  I forgot about this, but I guess I had a scone epiphany.  I'd only really eaten a scone as in the dense cake thing filled with yummy stuff and baked.  My fried mind was opened.  

I remember not knowing if I was going to continue to live out here after ninth grade.  I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had left.  

All of my siblings look like each other, but not enough that you can say two of us look more alike.  Make sense?  Anyway, I always felt like I didn't look like any of them, but we had a huge discussion after I posted a picture that I look like my second sister.  And I'm really glad cause she's gorgeous.  As are the rest of my sisters, of course.  :)
(sometime in 2008)

"I hate Geometry... But our class is fun.  We just started areas of polygons and stuff (I swear you think you're done with those shapes and then they come back to get you 723095720957 times as bad!) and my teacher Mr. Wilkinson was talking and he put a picture of Utah on the board and asked us what it was. My friend and I yelled "utah" and he said, "No, it's a oh-my-hecktagon!" So, that was funny. Then we were talking about the rootword deca and he was naming off things with 10, and then he was like "what about a deca cards?" And then... we were listing off 90-
gons and 17482-gons and 15-gons and this one kid said "I just wanna know where they all went." It's funny."  Self explanatory.  But funny, because my dear cuz who's in this same class right now told me they talked about this the other day.  

"Watched some game shows this morning and there was a girl named Barika. Mom could have named Marika after Uncle Barry and had the best of both worlds!"  HAH.

Then of course there's the annual disscussion on the division of my time across the world to see the fam.  Which reminds me it's that time again.  Who wants me for Thanksiving?


  1. I want you, I want you! (This is my second attempt to make a comment.) I had you last year, but being first to comment has to count for something, right?

  2. Of course! I'll talk to Ma and we'll see what happens. :)

  3. Oh my groodness. You are seriously my favorite person in the WORLD! Cory Cooper thinks that we don't look alike.... hm...
    I love you too much to put into words.
    This was an exceptional post.

  4. Please say I was the friend you were referring to in math class!!!! Those were some killer good times. For many reasons. Oh, sweaters. :)

  5. Hannah, I have no clue, but I wouldn't doubt it!
    I loved that class.

  6. That IS such a gorgeous picture of you - I love it!! Is it too late to put in my request to have you for Turkey Day?? I know I'll see you shortly afterwards...

  7. I want to be your gorgeous 2nd sister...
    And I want you to come for Thanksgiving. Texas is closer than Missouri. I have teenagers. Please?


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