Tuesday, October 12, 2010

some adventures.

(antelope island, 10/9/10)

(thriller, later that night)

do you ever get really hungry late at night?  me too.


  1. you shoulda come over and helped me eat that friggin huge bowl of pb cap'n. delish, but way too much. And he'd already poured the milk, so how was I supposed to not eat it?! so i ate most. like 3/4. which is a lot. and i ate regular dinner too... but still yummy after the painful tummy ache.
    Oh. and cool pics too ;)

  2. Did you notice that most of your pictures are this adorable, yet quirky smile with your mouth wide open? I have never seen anyone else smile like that... so you. Like your pictures and I am glad I was finally able to figure out how to navigate to your site. Now I am your follower!!! MuehahahaA!

  3. Haha, thanks! I'm glad too!


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