Wednesday, December 29, 2010

it's so fluffy!

I didn't get a pillow pet for Christmas.  Not that I asked for one, but everyone else did.  They are fluffly.

Christmas was a perfect lazy day with the fam.  I have to admit, I enjoyed having Christmas morning without a bunch of little kids.  I love having them around and I'm so glad we had a full house the rest of the week, but sometimes the peace and quiet rocks my world.  It's been a fun break, but I need to start getting ready for school next week.  Teacher's think they're being nice when they give you homework.
Mom's here, which I love, but she's got to leave tomorrow to see my new nephew!  What a doll.

Sorry for my last dramatic post.  Here's the quick version.  Last Tuesday night my car was broken into.  They took my purse which basically only had my wallet--driver's license and credit card--in it.  I surprised myself because I never really freaked out.  I cried once, but it was because I felt violated.  For a few days (actually, still), I was afraid to go out at night by myself and I'm a bit distrusting of people who are probably perfectly nice.  The hardest part for me was not having a license.  Or car, I guess.  I finally got my window fixed, a new wallet, a new license, and a new card, so I am good to go.

News.  I bought my first Christmas tree!  I've been way too excited for college lately (even though I still need to be accepted...) and everytime I go into a store I have visions of what my apartment will look like.  Seriously, Pier 1 is the worst.  I've been resisting buying everything I see because I have no where to store it, but I saw this little white tree at Target for four dollars so I snatched some ornaments and beads and I'm set for next year.  I'm hoping my favorite Kar Kar Pants and I can live together cause our home would be bomb.

I thought I'd post some reviews on some great Christmas presents I got.
- MacBook Air: 64GB Flash memory, light as a feather, and super fast.  It pretty much rocks.  No CD drive, and not very many other ports, but I'm feeling like this will be just fine as soon as I get an external drive.  Also, just found out that you can buy Photoshop online and download it, so that helps too.
- Crocodile Chia Pet: Perfect.  It just needs to sprout soon.  Apparently the seeds (not sprouts) are good for you.  They look nasty.  Buy vitamins.  It came with a free deck of Chia Pet cards.  That might be my favorite part of Christmas.
- Hair Biscuit Solid Shampoo from One Bath and Body.  I thought it might dry out my hair, but it's amazing!  You rub the bar over your hair a few times and it lathers up so nice.  I got a bath fizzer too, but have yet to try it.  For real though, try it.
- Mustache Bandages.  I know.  I almost cut myself on purpose just to use one.
- Russian Language Map:  I'm learning my alphabet!
- Everything else.  People were so nice this year.  I didn't really ask for anything this year.  I got everything I needed and way more than I ever wanted.

Favorite presents I gave:
- Everything.  I rock.
- Mustache frames & pictures
- Flashing Christmas light earrings
- a DI trip
- Pei Wei
- snazzy crafts
- love:)

Here's some post Christmas/still Holiday love:

p.s. Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon.  


  1. I want to be your roommate. please tell me you're going to the u. please.

  2. Wanna live in the dorms so we can room together?? :) Or our sophomore year we can all live in a killer apartment! Also, I keep having dreams of how i'm going to decorate my dorm room, what I'm going to take/ what I'm going to leave, and all that jazz. I am so pumped for college!!!!

  3. Sorry Emily, I'm hoping to be Provo. It's hip or something. Joke:)
    Yes, Hannah! We haven't quite figured it out yet. As soon as we all get accepted (fingers crossed), let's discuss. I'm so excited, it's not even funny.

  4. f. well to make up for it you could follow this blog

  5. Haha, I totally am! I really wanted to join, but I don't want to be the loser who forgets...


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