Sunday, January 30, 2011

dear freshman 15,

we're planning on losing you, not gaining you.  thanks a bunch.

dear self,
remember to work out whenever you can and to make healthy food (maybe even convince someone to buy you the Ninja for spinach smoothies everyday) so that you can prove yourself to all those people who think that being on your own isn't going to help you be healthy and smart.  "I told you so" is right on the tip of their tongues.
love, erin

dear world,
i like being independent.  i don't always like to ask for help, but if i really need it, or even want it, i'll ask.  so please, let me.  also, i'm sorry i'm in a bad mood.  i wish you knew.

dear humans,
the reason you didn't know those things is because you don't communicate with me either.  i know i look like i have this all down, but sometimes it's hard, and sometimes it's not my fault.  thank you.
love, erin
p.s. when i tell you how i feel, i'm not fishing for compliments.  you asked, and i'm just letting you know that's how i feel.

Dear BYU,
I would really appreciate it if you would let me know if I'm accepted or not.  I'm tempted to go to Utah State just because they let me know first, and now they're bugging me to get housing and a student id and things.  I know you want me, just please tell me.
Sincerely, Erin

dear immune system,
i know you're working overtime, but this cold has got to go.
if you fight hard, i'll take my vitamins.
thank you.
love, erin

dear hair,

dear room, homework, and important papers,
take care of yourself.
or else.



  1. loooove it! Lol and yes, I was talking about naomi! Wasn't that exciting! Isn't blog stalking like the best thing ever :o)

  2. I love you dearly, you know that?? I read your writings and I can HEAR you, and it makes me smile. :)


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