Monday, February 14, 2011

happy anna howard shaw day to us all!

Every good blog contains a myriad of embarrassing stories, so I'm working on building up my credibility.  So here's the set up:  February 2004 (right?), I was in 5th grade at ABC and there was this boy who shall remain nameless.  I liked him a lot, I guess, because I wrote him a Valentine with a poem.  I can't remember if I gave it to him directly or not, I remember that nothing happened like I wanted it to.  I think the situation pretty much got ignored, which was good because I felt really embarrassed.  I hope whoever found out about it doesn't remember....  This may not sound like much, but it was hard for my little 11 year old self to handle.  So then this boy and I became normal friends until 8th grade when we held hands on a charter bus.  (Yes, Mom, this is probably the first time you've heard this, even if you knew:)

Anyway, my girls and I had a great Valentime's partay Saturday night with lots of food and cheesy chick flicks and Maddy and I made a million cards for our friends and neighbors and the mailman last night.  

I'm feeling the love and I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's!
(come back later today for a special edition of things i love!)

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  1. I felt the love today, even though I don't have a Valentine. I love Valentines Day.


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