Monday, February 14, 2011

oh valium-times!

14 things I love on this day of love:

1) Anthropologie's wedding line that launched today!
If I was getting married and had all the money in the world I would buy...
this lacy sweater to wear over my dress after the ceremony,
either of these gorgeous belts to wear with the above,
these darling shoes because I need them,
and these to wear while dancing,
(all pictures via)

2) chick flicks, of course.
I especially love 500 Days of Summer because
it's a more realistic portrayal of love without being stuffy.
and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

3) my cowl from Target
I love all scarves really, but I have been so obsessed
with infinity scarves and cowls lately.
So cute. So practical (warm).

Oh my goodness.  Amazing photographers
and an amazing family.  
Can I be her, please?

5) cute Russian apartment things from Urban Outfitters.

6) James Franco and his new book.
I'm considering ordering it for myself for Valentine's.
Expect a review soon:)

7) my Psychology class.
I'm beginning to hate school, but talking about
babies and relationships and funny things in Psych makes it all worth it.

8) Baths.  You best believe I'm having one tonight. 
I've decided that at least one a week is necessary.
I pour in this:
and set up a playlist with my favorite music and I'm good to go.

9) I LOVE awkward pictures of me and Kar.
Especially since those of the only ones we can ever get...

10) this list may soon make you think that i love school, 
but don't be fooled.
I love my Fashion Merchandising class.
I love learning correct terms for hems and necklines and sleeves
and I'm excited to cover fabrics and the business side.
It makes me want to be a textile designer.
For some reason I signed up to compete in Apparel & Accessories in State DECA
& to be in charge of vendor relations and sales for our upcoming Prom Expo at school.
Wish me luck.

11) sweet music.
I love this cool lady,
and these lovelies by my supposed celebrity lookalike.
They will be played at my wedding.

12) Names. 
Baby names, grown up names. 
I'm such a girl, but I love people and I love their names.  
I found out tonight that my aunt doesn't like one of my future children's names, 
but I'm sure I'll change my mind anyway.

13) Camping.  Oh my.  I'm such a nature nerd.  I will save the planet.
This weekend's weather was amazing and I was craving the [higher] mountain air.
I would take my recycled toothbrush and all of my flannel.
This is the only thing I crave about summer.

14)  I love love.  And what I love most is my family.  
I am so blessed and have so much family to go around.  
I love being the youngest because I get to travel to see them all
and they love to give me advice:)


  1. such a cute post! i love. and you so do look like ingrid! which, by the way, is an awesome name.

  2. I love - you, and Mindy Gledhill too and those blue shoes - gorgeous!


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