Saturday, February 5, 2011

what time is it?

it's [kind of, almost getting close to] summertime!  oh, zefron.

So far, this is what my weekend looks like:

except I'm laying on the couch, she's on the floor, 
and neither of us look this clean.

last night I randomly came down with the most ridiculous stomach bug
I've ever had.  like fainting, no breathing, writhing in pain, making friends with the bowl
then I got tired and slept a lot.
then poor Maddy got something that is way too close to strep.

so we're spending our weekend with Antonio, Mary-Kate & Ashley, those Wildcats, 
and our awesome sick dreams.

the summer HSM2 came out happened to be the summer I moved to Utah.
I bought the soundtrack at a Wal-Mart on the drive out and tortured my mother for hours.
oh, 14 was a great year.

the worst part of a stomach issue is no solid food.  
I had some great chicken broth and soup, 
but my toast and eggs for dinner never tasted so good.

but now I'm craving fish tacos.
or more popsicles.  

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  1. Sick again.....or still? I bet you are so sick of being sick! Love your guts sis! Get better already.

  2. Both. It was pretty unrelated, but I'm feeling like I'm pretty much over it now.


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