Monday, August 22, 2011

life moves on

and sometimes we need to change our email addresses we made when we were twelve.
so we do it.
and it feels good, but really weird to tell people 
instead of rugratsluvr or ilovefood01 or dinosrokkk.
(even though mine was very classy)
ya know?

i move into my apartment on wednesday.
just buying things
and switching up bank accounts and insurance and the like.

once i'm hanging and studying
instead of saying goodbye,
i'll let you know what's up.


  1. I LOVE CAMERON! Good luck!

  2. thank you. just thank you.
    Oh! I bought an Abbey Road poster!! i heart.

  3. you're so grown up (one of my emails was/still is ilovemaddens because i loved good Charlotte so much ... yeah)! oh and it so doesn't matter if you have kids or whatev, you can so come hang with us! I'm thinking Wednesday (tomorrow) at 3-ish at the park by the veterans memorial pool in Provo) no pressure but stop by and say hi if you want:)


what up?