Saturday, August 6, 2011


the newest baby boy in the family,
(St. Louis, King Louis, baby, bubs, pretty boy, buddy, handsome, etc.)
born June 4, 2011
and the cutest standard poodle you ever did see.

seriously, I'm converted.
we picked him up this morning and he is a sweetheart. 
he loves riding in the car, sniffing, playing, and napping.

we've had dogs for most of the past 10 years, 
but this is the first one my mom and I will have as a puppy,
and we are excited!

Louie is the best snuggler.
he smushes himself into corners and under your leg,
and likes your arm around him.

with the help of his hedgehog
 (from the breeder, has the scent of his siblings),
he's adapting pretty well.

also, it's pretty funny naming a dog with your parents.
we're hoping Louie sticks.

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  1. SO adorable :) He is such a cutie pie!
    My dog (that lives at home with the parents) is named Louie! He' a white bichon frise-- basically a white poof ball. I love the name Louie, I hope it sticks too-- it's perfect!

    & that's crazy you went to Viewmont too, and yes we do love our wrestling! My hubby wrestled there-- so the pride HAS to run strong :)


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