Monday, August 1, 2011

southern exposure

No, not the kind on Beck St.

I'm starting a "series," or whatever those fancy bloggers call it, to highlight all the things I love about the South.  I'm kind of frustrated right now because I really want to get back to Utah and enjoy a little dry air time before school starts.  For now, this will help me appreciate where I am, and later it will help tide me over until I get home.

Here we go:

FL storms are the best.
When it's not loud and adrenaline pumping, it's absolutely beautiful,
especially on the long drives through the woods.

The only thing that makes it better is when Mom buys me an Express Lane refill.
Hers is filled to the brim with ice and showered with Dr. P, 
while my handful of ice rests in a bath of the same syrupy goodness.

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