Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I need somebody.  Not just anybody.
Somebody who knows what I should be for Halloween.  And, go!
Seriously, I've never been this late before and it's crazy.

Mom came for the weekend and bought me groceries and meals.  It was perfect.  Thanks Mom.

My boys also ventured to Utah county and I saw them for all of 2.5 seconds.  Also perfect.  Love them.  This is all they left for me:

School is kicking my booty.  That's why it's college, right?  And it's worth it, right?  The semester is more than halfway over and as exciting as that is, it's also so so scary.  

Also, while you're at it, tell me what I should major in.  
Because every time someone asks me, I'm this close to telling them I'm going to drop out and find me a husband.


  1. Thank you for the Beatlesy start. i love you. (p.s. Marcus and me are thinking of doing the Doctor and a Companion! fun, huh!!!) And maybe you could be a... a... an artist? a hipster? a dinosaur? a.. a... flight attendant?

  2. Oh oh oh! I love helping people look at majors. Email me and we can talk about them. mynameisautumn@gmail.com


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