Monday, January 2, 2012

Lucy, I'm home!

Well, Utah-home.  I spent two weeks in Florida-home and it was great.  I needed so much to do absolutely nothing for a while.  And you best believe I did just that.

Remember Louie?  He's Jack now.  I was a little bummed by the name change, but when you're not there taking care of the thing, you really earn no say.  And he's so cute, I can't help but love all of him any way--even his name.  When I wasn't in bed, I was hanging out with this guy.  He's just about 7 months old and a giant.

A giant that is still a puppy and will not sit still.  But, he gives the best hugs and is adoring of his family, so we'll take that.  He still loves riding in the car and after this ride he learned that sometimes the car takes him to the beach!  And that is too much fun.

Both times I sat with him for a ride, I ended up completely squished by the end.  He'll come over to my side and pin my head against the seat.  And alternately pant out the window and eat my hair.  Awesome.  

I love him.  Anyway.  Here are some other things that happened:

outside a local church.

Christmas crack.  not that addicting.

my favorite place.  I'm a nerd.

seed pod nativity.

Christmas outfit.

oh hey beach.  it may have reached 80 degrees one day.


fried mac&cheese from BJ's.  so beautiful and delicious.

Now, back to school.  Yay.

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