Thursday, February 9, 2012

chasing pavements

Last Saturday, I had my family birthday party for the big 1-9!  
It was coincidentally the same day as Lauren's and Eleanor's.  
They only overshadowed me a little because Lauren announced she's pregnant and Eleanor is 1 and adorable...

Anyway, this year it was Safari themed!  Usually my Uncle John and I share this partay, because his birthday is just a week after mine.  But this year we got cousin Clara who was lucky enough to be born at the end of January last year, and cousin Matt (who sported an impressive loin cloth) whose birthday is today!

We didn't get any group shots because we were just so excited/tired, but it was so fun.

the monkey in his natural habitat.

loin cloth/voodoo baby birthday boy.

aminal prints! 

tour guides love their khaki.

the most bromantic photo.

filled cupcakes:)

Until next year!  I gotta go live up my last teenage year and do some homework and stuff.

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