Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how do I love thee?

I love Valentine's.  Anna Howard Shaw Day.  Single's Awareness.
I wouldn't say it's my number one holiday, but it is way up there.  
I feel like I'll love it even more when I have kids and I'll have an excuse to smother and embarrass them with my affection.  
I'm all for celebrating romantic love, but love is great no matter what form, and this year, I have so many Valentines.

My family:

(my sweet nephew, whom I miss terribly.  and all the other ones!)

(pretend this is all the Grants)

My frans:
(from Spring Fling 2011)

*this was taken on Valentine's 2009. 
we didn't go to the dance together,
but I was involved in some great dancing times
with him and his sister that night.
also, this is very representative of our relationship.

also, he sent me a tshirt for my birthday/vday!
what a nice boy.

(outtake from our photo shoot to show off the shirt.  it was hard.  and it did not work)

Happy Love Day!
I love you!

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  1. hahah I love this picture of you and McClane! haha I miss him...and you!


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