Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i've done something bad.

I started Downton Abbey.

And by started, I mean I watched the whole first season in a 24.5 hour period.

And now I have to finish the second season by 3/6 before its taken off PBS,
because if I have to wait for it to be on Netflix, I will surely die.

I didn't understand the obsession at all until I began, and it really only took the first episode.

Sometimes bad decisions are worth it.

Has anyone else watched it that wants to discuss?

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  1. My mother and I did this over Christmas. Three days, two season, a whole lotta Downton! Luckily, my sister is connected and had bought home the second season on dvd from the UK, unluckily living in Australia means that the second season hasn't even aired here yet, which means it's going to be a long, long time before I get anything new!!

    I agree, I didn't get the obsession until I watched it, but I think the wide variety of characters (who all have great depth!) makes it for me. Somehow, I still find myself feeling sorry at times for the most unlikeable of characters! I think that's the sign of good writing!



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