Thursday, March 1, 2012

food for thought

On my journey to domesticity (aka, not eating a bagel for dinner every night), I've experimented a bit so I don't have to go grocery shopping.  I guess I'm a real college student.

I made Mexican Baked Spaghetti tonight.  I thought I was being super creative, but I googled it, and I guess it's a thing.  I mixed a little taco meat, refried beans, and leftover salsa with some noodles into my vintage pyrex, squirted some Catalina on top, and piled the cheese on.  I didn't quite let it get crunchy because I had a major case of the munchies, but I threw some tomatoes on top and I was quite satisfied.

I must also mention that I did this on the day I decided to keep track of what I was eating again, and neither this dish nor the chocolate chips I had for dessert were really in the plans.  But it's Leap Day, and "real life begins in March."
I've always loved winter, even in Utah.  And even though it's been a mostly warm and sunny one, I'm feeling more torpid than I ever have.  If I knew how to fix it, I would.  Unfortunately, I feel like it will last until summer.
I finished Downton Abbey.  Jill and I watched season 2 finale tonight and I am feeling rather content and anxious.  I've become more attached to this fiction than I should and I can hardly wait to see what happens next (in a year!).
The worst thing about growing up so far: often the only people I want to tell everything to are thousands of miles away.  That's one thing, contrary to my independent appearance, that I have not quite figured out yet.
We spent most of the 75 minutes in American Heritage today discussing recent church/school news.  Though I rolled my eyes at so many of the comments made by students who think they're helpful, I decided it was my favorite lecture of my college experience.  Our professor is down to earth and profound--one of the best.  My testimony was strengthened today, and that's better than any grade I've received.

So, these are my thoughts for now: all over the place, and an accurate representation of my life right now.

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  1. I may have to try your concoction! have you tried the Lose It app? heard good things about it....


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