Friday, March 30, 2012

audiofile, audiophile

the days are flying by.

in a week and a half, i will be done with classes.

so, that's exciting and terrifying.  ask me if I'm working as hard as I should.  actually, don't.

to make sure I actually left the house for something other than class this week,
i got tickets to go to a screening of BYUtv's new show Audio-Files.
it's basically a behind-the-scenes look at awesome people who do awesome things like raise goats and have a band name that's a secret anagram.  and play really cool music.

it was amazing.  they showed two episodes: Imagine Dragons & Joshua James.

mind blown.  the producers kept telling us how much they're trying to change their image at BYUtv.
as much as we love to listen to the men behind the pulpit, they want to show other talents as well.

we got a glimpse at "not your parent's BYUtv" and we are so excited.  they're featuring so many talented artists, and I feel lucky to have seen two of my favorite.  (ask me how much I love imagine dragons.)

(and we sat right behind joshua james!  and some other probably famous people with great hair and beards)

the show begins mid-April, so keep your eye out!  we can't wait to watch the rest.
we love evolution.

p.s.  another new show called the song that changed my life featured Fictionist!

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  1. joshua james! i loooooove his music. watching that video was amaaazing. thank you times ten.


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