Monday, April 9, 2012

no, i'm not catholic

obviously.  so why is it, that when i mention i'm participating in lent, that's all anyone focuses on!  nothing about how great it is that i'm abstaining from things that are bad for me, just "you're not catholic?"
no, i'm not.  yes, i gave up things for lent.  personally, it was a set, obtainable goal, some time after the new year.  and it was great.

this year, i gave up fast food and soda for lent!  i basically completed it.  minus one st. patrick's day root beer kegger, and one emergency hamburger instead of not eating all day.  i call that a success.

also a success?  roommate pictures for easter & family pictures tonight!  i call that productive.  also, getting dressed.

lots of this happened.

there was a large bug.  real reaction right there.


  1. if that pink dress is from h&m then call us twins. if it's not, then call us twins anyways because it looks just like mine!

  2. you guys are adorbs. The bug one is my favorite :)

  3. aww, Erin! I(we) miss you so much!


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